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Le Festival des Mots

This essential cultural event invites lovers of the imaginary to travel, thanks to the talent of renowned actors who indulge in evening readings of works by illustrious French and foreign authors, memories and written traditions who have marked our human odyssey. A few words about Christophe Malavoy: Christophe Malavoy was born on March 21, 1952 in Germany. Very quickly, he felt made for the theater and trained at the Ecole de la rue Blanche in Paris. He made his debut in the KHI troupe, with the American director Stuart Seide. Christophe nevertheless hopes to conquer the big screen and landed his first role in a film by Michel Gérard. It was not until three years later that he stood out in Michel Deville's Le Dossier 51 (1978). In 1982, he shined in The Honor of a Captain and, the following year, his interpretation in Family Rock by José Pinheiro (1982) earned him the César Award for Best Hope. Michel Deville renewed his confidence in him and entrusted him with the lead role of Péril in the home. The actor chained films in the 1980s. We can see him in Le Cri du hibou by Claude Chabrol or in Bras de Fer alongside Bernard Giraudeau. During the 1990s, less wanted in the cinema, Christophe Malavoy turned to television and appeared in many TV movies. However, he does not leave the theater and stages classical plays. He also directed two television films, including La Ville whose prince is a child, adapted from Montherlant’s work. He directed his first feature film, Zone libre, in 2007. His career also led him to writing. In September 2020 in the show The Legend of the Holy Drinker. 9 p.m. - Free entry. By reservation only

E-Mail : evenements@cap-dail.fr

Date: 2020-07-31

Open: 21:00:00

Close: 23:00:00

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