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An unprecedented rewrite of a cult album by maestro Duke Ellington: this is the superb challenge that Pierre Bertrand (Victoires du Jazz 2017) set for himself with his ensemble "Caja Negra" this year. For almost 10 years, “Caja Negra” has proven itself with 2 albums and a series of memorable concerts, bringing together the finesse of the Louis Winsberg guitar, the bubbling energy of Minino Garay, the emotional voices of Sabrina Romero and by Paloma Pradal ... Pierre Bertrand is now enriching his ensemble with the cello by Pierre-François Dufour and percussion by Stéphane Edouard. Embark from Damascus to Dakha with this "Far East Suite" and its 9 musical treasures: for the 120th anniversary of the birth of the "Duke", Pierre Bertrand offers you an impossible journey ... Free show as part of the “Summer Evenings” organized by the Alpes-Maritimes Department.

E-Mail : evenements@cap-dail.fr

Date: 2020-07-10

Open: 21:00:00

Close: 23:00:00

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